Social Media at UCCS

Social Media

Social Media at UCCS

To ensure engagement on social media represents the university’s best interests, UCCS provides social media training, application and policy for members of the university.

Campus departments, colleges, and programs can apply to be an official UCCS account.

UCCS Communications & Media Relations team manages the UCCS institutional social media accounts and collaborates with communicators across campus to manage their own social presence.




The UCCS Social Media Voice


We are friendly, inviting, honest and transparent. We strive to provide timely support for our followers, through thoughtful, accurate and sincere interactions. We are professional, but not stiff. Fun but not “funny.” We are relevant, but not trend chasing. We celebrate the success of the university and its community, and are responsive to its shortcomings. We do not ignore negative comments or criticism, we listen and engage in hopes of improving the university and furthering mutual understanding. We don’t resort to txt speak. We avoid jargon. We do not horde information or ideas. We are human and conversational. We are UCCS.