Social Media Takeovers

Social Media Takeovers

Let's Get Social


Takeover goal:

The goal of a social media takeover is to share your experience as a UCCS student. Your content and messaging should be geared toward current and/or future students.

What does this look like? 

You should post 10 - 25 stories throughout the day that clearly communicate your experience. A story post can be either a video or a photo. We highly encourage your takeover to consist of both! Videos last for up to 15 seconds (you can create multiple clips to share as one story) while photos only last roughly 6 seconds. With that being said, try to limit the amount of text you have on a photo! Be sure to utilize some of Instagram’s features to make your story post more engaging but avoid filters unless they are appropriate. 

What should I include?

At a minimum, your takeover should include:

  1. A video or photo introduction

    1. Include your name, degree, program/college/department/etc., and why you’re taking over the account

    2. Share something about yourself (where you’re from, why you chose UCCS, etc.)

  2. A video or photo of the environment you’re in

    1. Show our followers campus from your point of view

  3. A video or photo to close the day

    1. Thank our followers for tuning in

DO's & DON'Ts

  1. Be aware of your surroundings before posting

  2. Be friendly, positive and uplifting

  3. Be a storyteller  

  4. Do not “go live” without permission

  5. Do not respond to messages that aren’t directly related to your takeover

  6. Do not follow users during your takeover

  7. Do not change any of the settings

  8. Do not overuse selfies 

  9. Do not post all of your stories at once, be sure to spread them out and post one or a few at a time

  10. Do not use the takeover as a platform for recruitment

  11. Do ask for permission if you’re sharing video/photos of another individual

  12. Do shoot vertically as opposed to horizontally - there may be scenarios when you can’t and we understand that

  13. Do showcase your Mountain Lion pride! If you have UCCS gear, share or casually display it in the background

  14. Do adhere to the student code of conduct

  15. Do let your friends know you’ll be taking over the account and encourage them to tune in

  16. Do interact with the viewers! Use Instagram’s poll, questions, and/or quiz features

When in doubt, don’t post it! If you’re unsure of something, reach out to for guidance or approval on a post. 

Submit your application below. Someone will reach out to you within 7 business days. 

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